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Westfields Wetlands

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Westfields Westlands

In Westfields there is a variety of Wildlife, so much so that the majority have become very accustomed to people frequenting the area.

It allows for people to see the ducks and swans close up as they do not fly away.  A delight for young children with their families.


How to find us ...

Westfield's Westlands are located on the Northern bank of the River Shannon in Limerick City, Ireland.

It is close to the Shannon Bridge and a fifteen minute walk to Limerick City Centre.

Barrington Pier

The area covers Westfield's Wetlands, Westfield's Wildflower Meadow, A Riverside Walk, There is also the Ted Russell Park for a relaxing walk or a picnic.

Wildflower Meadow

The Scented Garden is currently a work in progress by the cmmittee.

Scented Garden

One can venture further along the Riverbank grass path (not wheelchair accessible) from Barrington�s Pier with spectacular views of the River Shannon and its� abundance of Wildlife and Flora as far as the Limerick Tunnel and even further depending on your time.

Be prepared with the suitable footwear / wellies, warm clothing and refreshments for this part of the walk.

The trees along the Riverbank include Ash, White Willow, Osier and Alder. Along the pathways one can find furze, hawthorn. Ox eye daisy, bee orchid, birds foot trefoil.

Westfield's Wetlands Committee.

Westfields Wetands Committee

Formed in 2006 with aim and vision to bring the Westfield�s Wetlands, Walkways and Cycle Paths up to their highest potential and enable the area to be one of the finest sanctuaries in Europe and an amenity for All now and generations to come � Mary.

Limerick Going for Gold and The Tidy Towns Entry.

Limerick Going for Gold and The Tidy Towns Entry.

Butterfies to be seen include the small tortoise shell, red admiral, white and common blue.

Watch the Cormorants near the Cement Factory diving for fish in the Shannon.





Recently I have seen an otter crossing the riverbank in front of me, so be prepared for the surprises on your walks.

See the magnificent views of the Galtee Mountains, Keeper Hill and the Clare Hills on a clear day.


In Westfield's Wetlands the terrain is easy with path ways suitable for Wheelchairs, Buggies, Prams and so is the Viewing Platform.

Viewing Platform

Condell Road Cycle and Pedestrian Path completed by Limerick City Council. From the Shannon Bridge to Coonagh Roundabout. A favourite for walkers, joggers and cyclists.

There are green benches in numerous locations for a rest.

Westfield's Wetlands:

There are two information boards showing showing the various birds and flora of the area.

These include the Tufted and Mallard Duck with the Teal, Shoveler - the winter visitors, and the Moorhen, Coot, and Little Grebe.


Along the path to the Viewing platform one will find the elderberry, sycamore and birch.
Guilder rose Winter Heliotrope is common here. One will see Black Headed and Common Gulls roosting as you take the path back towards the Salesian Roundabout on the Lower Shelburne Road.

Herons are common and you may find one relaxing on the path in front of you.

The North American Ring Billed Gull is a recent winter visitor.

The Alder trees which line the Condell Road have great and blue tit and siskin.

There are large strands of common reed to be found and the very common bulrush to be found around the lake area.


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